Regular Garbage Collection day: Tuesday (south end 1 •) or Friday (north end 2 •) each week

  • Two large garbage bag limit per household
  • Small white bags/garbage in boxes etc. WILL NOT be collected
  • All garbage must be placed at the end of each member’s walkway in front of their units by 6:00 a.m.
  • No boulevard or central area garbage will be collected

Recycling Collection Day: Every second Tuesday

  • Blue boxes will NOT be picked up. You can use the blue box in your home and once it is filled transfer the recyclables to a clear, plastic recycling bag. Coloured recycling bags or grocery store bags containing paper, etc. will NOT be picked up. Loose recyclables will NOT be picked up.
  • All recyclables can be mixed in the clear, plastic recycling bag.
  • Recyclables must be flattened to the smallest size possible to minimize space in the recycle bin that is picked up by the city – this includes all cardboard food boxes, plastic bottles and cans.

The City of Toronto has strict BULK garbage pick up rules

  • It is illegal to place bulk items on the boulevard. The penalty for illegal garbage placement is a maximum fine of $10,000 for the first occurrence and $25,000 for any
    subsequent occurrence.
  • You will be billed for boulevard pickup if you put anything on the boulevard.
  • The bulk pick up area is located beside the garbage bins on the east driveway – do NOT block access to the fire hydrant.

Before you put out your items you must:

  • Disassemble beds from headboards/footboards. Railings and metal bed springs CANNOT be placed for pick up on bulk garbage day. (Box springs are ok.)
  • Disassemble bed springs from bed chesterfields. Bed springs CANNOT be placed for pick up on bulk garbage day.
  • Roll, cut and tie carpeting into bundles. Bundles must be no longer than 1.2 metres (4 ft.), weigh not more than 20 kg (approximately 44 lbs.) and must be free of all nails and staples
  • Small items such as household appliances and computer equipment CANNOT be put in cardboard boxes. These items must be loose. Cardboard must be disposed of in the regular recycling pick up.
  • Scrap wood is to be broken and securely tied into bundles of pieces less that 120 centimetres by 80 centimetres by 80 centimetres and must be free of all nails and
  • NO white goods (appliances) can be placed on the boulevard. You must call the city for a special pick up date for these items.


  • South end – Units 73-157 (including 63)
  • North end – Units 1 – 72 (excluding 63)