Send your work order

    Permission To Enter:

    Note To Member:

    1. Work Orders will be done in priority order.  The office will assess the urgency of the repair to determine valid emergencies.  Work Orders will not be done on weekends or holidays.  Non-emergency work orders cannot be ordered by a phone call.  Please contact the office if you have not had any contact by staff after 30 days.
    2. If you have a dog, you must ensure someone will be home to care of it while work is being done.
    3. Not giving permission to enter may delay your work order. Maintenance Staff will attempt to call you three (3) times.  If staff is unable to reach you after 3 unsuccessful calls, your work order will be returned to the office.  You will then receive a letter from the office asking you to confirm in writing what day you will be available between the hours 9am-4pm.  An attempt will be made to complete your work order on the day you have chosen.  Otherwise, it will be cancelled.
    4. Members are responsible to ensure work areas are clean and clear of personal belongings. Work will not be done if the work area needs to be cleaned and/or contains personal belongings.
    5. Members will be charged for work done by maintenance staff for tasks listed in the Maintenance By-law as member responsibilities. Charges are $20/hr with a half hour minimum charge.
    6. If prior arrangement has been made with the member to be present when an outside trade has been called to do the repair, i.e. furnace, appliance, etc., if on the appointed schedule the member is not home, the member will be charged the cost of the service call invoiced to the co-op by the trade.